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Pre sale, sale, after sale technical service commitment

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First, the pre-sale service:

1 technical exchange:

A. understand the basic parameters of the rolling mill, rolling mill operation, the use of characteristics.

B. understand the variety and characteristics of rolling products.

C. understand the quality requirements of rolled products.

D. understanding of the general requirements and special requirements for roll performance.

E. describes the roll of various materials, the characteristics of various varieties.

2 puts forward the proposal of the rolling mill.

3 according to the use of the effect and user requirements of the roll material, performance improvement.

Two, the sale of services:

1 to make the roller to meet the user requirements of a clear logo.

2 to roll the necessary protection, to meet the user on the packaging, rust, storage, transportation, protection requirements.

Three, after sales service:

1 to guide the use and maintenance of roller, to assist the improvement of roller grinding system.

2 on the non normal failure of the roller to analyze and provide the corresponding roll testing services (including magnetic particle testing, penetration testing

, field hardness testing, ultrasonic testing, on-site metallographic examination, and put forward suggestions to solve the problem or countermeasures.

3 according to the actual situation to carry out technical tracking service.

4 to listen to the use of information on the roll, and according to the use of information feedback to provide the roll adaptability improvement program.